New Kind of Leadership

Brittany Ferrell

Organizer and activist Brittany Ferrell talks about the new kind of leaders who emerged in the Ferguson uprising, and the impact of the new approach those leaders brought to the movement.

Trouble the Water

Vernon Mitchell Jr.

In his course, “Don’t Believe the Hype: Race, Media and Social Movements in America, 1915 to 2015,” Vernon Mitchell Jr. helps students understand the construction of racial narratives through media, and how that affects their experience in St. Louis — and the world.

The Conversation About Race

Laura Horwitz

Laura Horwitz, Co-Founder and Executive Director of We Stories, says that everyone talks about the conversation we need to have about race — but as long as families of color talk about race more regularly than white families, it’s difficult to have an effective conversation.

A Systemic Change

Javad Khazaeli

Civil rights and immigration attorney Javad Khazaeli describes how the justice system in St. Louis can make life difficult for everyday St. Louisans, and discusses the frustration that led to the protests in Ferguson.


Lara Granich

Lara Granich explains why tension in our processes, institutions, relationships and communities helps hold people accountable and keep us moving forward — and what happens when we pretend that tension doesn’t exist.